Retirement is not cheap!

There is a general feeling that at retirement we won’t need as much money as we did earlier in life. Many people, in fact, find the opposite as they wish to pursue hobbies, interests and a lifestyle that they did not have time for when working full time. This all comes at a cost and one which many people’s pension cannot provide:

• ‘Alice Watson, head of marketing at Retirement Advantage Equity Release, said: “There is a huge gap between what we want in retirement and what our pensions alone will be able to fund. “We need to break down the long-held views that we do one thing with our pension and ISAs and something different with our property, and instead consider how they can work together to generate an income in retirement. Too many people are missing out on the retirement they want and deserve because they’re unaware of all the options available to them.” ‘

(What Mortgage – January 2017).

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